iLiv Services

Technology is the servant not the master

iLiv is not a tech company. We are a people company, devoted to enhancing collective human performance.
We do use technology, in a unique and powerful way. But equally importantly, we talk to our customers. All the time.
The goal is to keep the people side of information age work front and center. We help you keep it real, keep it human, and keep it focused on the individual—and keep the technology in a quietly supportive role where it belongs.

Weekly Calls with our Top Advisors

We work with you continuously, to express your organization's mission and strategies as repeatable, performable, and perfectible processes.

Excellence is Performance Practiced

Great performance comes from performers who feel themselves getting better. Your best people will benefit from the happy synergies of repetition, productivity, and creativity.

Zero Time to Start

Our software and services are ready to use immediately. Profitable process improvement within hours.

All of Your Data, Delivered

Every event and attribute of all of your teams' work—delivered to you daily for reporting and analysis.

Our Designers and Engineers Work for You

If you need something special, we do it for you in a matter of hours or days. No developers needed.
Customized reporting and analysis.
Custom integrations with other systems.
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