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Process Tools for the Post-Hierarchic Economy™


Totally unique software to help leaders compose great processes

Tap into the freedom, the discipline, and the creativity enjoyed by a great symphony orchestra to express your mission and priorities.
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  • Turn reactive business challenges into proactive business advantages.
  • Compose once. Perform in iLiv Performer™ repeatedly. Get better all the time.
  • Inspire excellence. Communicate mission and priorities. Optimize resources.
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The world's most effective process performance platform

Introduce your revenue generators to a better connected, more proactive, more focused, more organized, and more engaging way to work.
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  • Instantiate and perform iLiv Composer™ processes—once, or repeatedly.
  • Cross-discipline and cross-organizational by design. Work from anywhere.
  • Scales seamlessly from 1 to 100,000 projects, while keeping everything, for everyone, all on one page.
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