Every Project has it’s seasons.

Spring, as we all know, represents rebirth, the re-emergence of life after the death and quiescence of Winter.

But not every Spring starts as expected. Sometimes the mantle of Winter reappears, concealing, even deceiving. That rebirth can look distant, or in peril altogether.

Don’t fret. There’s warmth under that blanket. And moisture. If Winter was cold and dry, this will even be a blessing for the shoots and seedlings awaiting their moment.

There’s always a little green in there somewhere. (Look at the picture again).

It’s the same with People and Projects. Delays can be positive, giving time for ideas to strengthen, and relationships to gel.

And Spring is on the way, just as surely as Earth revolves and oscillates.

When a Project seems to be suffering a setback, caused by external or indifferent forces — don’t fret.

Give it a few days.